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Oakland Raiders QB Matt Schaub and WR Rod Streater are Building Chemistry in Mini-Camp

June 18th, 2014 at 8:35 AM
By Nicholas Gill

The Oakland Raiders brought in quarterback Matt Schaub to add stability to the position. As the team continues their offseason program with mandatory mini-camp this week, Schaub is beginning to develop chemistry with the wide receivers. A huge part of the offseason workouts and training camp is developing that on-field rapport with all the pass catching options. That is beginning to happen for Schaub.

“There’s never enough time to get everything you want in, but I feel like we were sufficient and efficient in the use of our time, as a group on the field and in the meeting rooms, and away from football, getting to know guys, developing that chemistry within the team,” Schaub said.

One of the wide receivers that has caught Schaub's attention over the offseason workouts is Rod Streater. Streater has already come a long way for the Raiders in only two seasons. He led the team is catches and receiving yards last year. He finished with 60 receptions for 888 yards and four touchdowns. That production along with Streater's work ethic has Schaub thinking Streater is set to breakout even more in 2014.

“I love the guy,” Schaub said of Streater. “[He’s] such a hard worker, you know. I’ve been fortunate to be around some guys who have put so much work and effort into their craft, but Rod’s one of those guys early in his career you could really see he wants to be the best, and he works hard at it every day. I’m excited to watch him burst on the scene even more this year.”

While Streater is standing out, Schaub has been impressed with the entire group of wideouts. The wide receiver position is one of the most important and intriguing competitions on the team. The group, along with Schaub, is going to have to be better in 2014 and they have the players and talent to do so.

“It’s the group,” Schaub said of the wide receivers. “I’ve been so impressed with the entire group – six, seven, eight guys that really are going to make it a great competition throughout training camp. Just the group as a whole – they’re just all pushing themselves and competing at such a high level, that no matter who’s in the huddle it just seems like we just go and play. We don’t skip a beat no matter which corps is in the group.”


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