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Oakland Raiders Begin Offseason Workout Program Today

April 22nd, 2014 at 7:26 AM
By Nicholas Gill

Today, the Oakland Raiders will get their first chance to come together as a team. With so many new players brought in via free agency, it will be good for Oakland to start building a foundation. The Raiders begin their voluntary offseason workout program today with the strength and conditioning portion and the full offseason schedule will last for nine weeks. 

The NFL offseason workout schedule is broken up into three phases. The first phase, where the Raiders begin today and extends for two weeks, involves weight training, conditioning, and rehab work. Phase two is a three week program where teams can begin on-field drills with position coaches, which is not permitted in phase one. Phase three is 10 sessions of organized team activities, where offense and defense can go against each other in non-contact 7-on-7 or 11-on-11. All of these phases are part of the collective bargaining agreement.

Oakland begins phase one which will consist of time with new strength and conditioning coach John Grieco and his assistants Vernon Stephens and Noah Franklin. No other coaches are permitted.That staff will put the Raiders players through tests to determine where their strength and conditioning is currently and where they need it to be for the next phases and the upcoming season. The only footballs allowed in phase one are for dead ball drills and quarterbacks throwing to receivers with no defenders.

The other offseason workout dates are May 27-28, May 30, June 2-3, June 5, and June 9-12. Rookie mini-camp will take place May 16-18. Mandatory mini-camp will run from June 17-19. 





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