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Oakland Raiders Offensive Game Plan Won’t Change Much No Matter Who Starts at Quarterback

September 26th, 2013 at 6:12 PM
By Nicholas Gill


The Oakland Raiders are still in a wait and see situation with quarterback Terrelle Pryor as they prepare for Sunday's showdown with the Washington Redskins. Pryor was able to practice in a limited fashion Thursday, but on a non-contact basis.

No matter who the starting quarterback is Sunday, the Raiders offensive game plan will remain similar. Pryor brings an added running dimension to the offense and that threat has helped the running back Darren McFadden find more holes. It gives offensive coordinator Greg Olson the ability to script plays to enhance that advantage, but he will do the same with Matt Flynn.

“There are a few tweaks here and there,” Olson said. “You have the option of some of the things we’re doing with Terrelle in the run game, but, to be honest with you, since Terrelle’s taken over, we’ve done some of those things with Matt when he gets reps, he’s done some of those things and he’s comfortable with that. He’s obviously not the athlete that Terrelle is, but as far as knowing when to pull the ball and when to hand it off, he’s good at that.”

The Redskins have allowed an average of 333 passing yards per game through three games this season. The offense is much better with Pryor, hence him being named the starting quarterback, but if Flynn is called upon his arm has look fresher in practice. Washington has been attacked through the air with great success, but Olson believes the Redskins defense is better than the numbers indicate.

“They’ve struggled, but they’ve also played two really great quarterbacks in Matt Stafford and Aaron Rodgers,” Olson said. “You look at the teams they’ve played and they are some explosive offensive teams. I think they got caught by surprise in the opening game against Philadelphia. It was Philadelphia’s first game with the no-huddle. When you look at the teams they’ve played, you can understand a little bit.”

It is still up in the air whether Pryor can be ready for Sunday. If he is not, it will be Flynn. Either way, the Raiders are going to have to exploit the Redskins through the air and balance that attack with the run. The Redskins defense is a weakness right now and if the Raiders want to win the game, they will follow the example set by the three teams that beat Washington and throw all over them. Once they loosen up, McFadden will have opportunities. 



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