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Oakland Raiders HC Dennis Allen on LB Sio Moore: “He Going to Be a Player for Us”

July 30th, 2013 at 10:36 AM
By Nicholas Gill

With the Raiders well into their first week of training camp, head coach Dennis Allen likes what he sees from third round rookie linebacker Sio Moore. Moore, who possesses great versatility and energy, is a draft pick general manager Reggie McKenzie and Allen covet. Now in training camp, he is proving he can be an asset and contribute immediately.


“I thought he did well,” Allen said of Moore. “He’s still working a couple of the different positions, but I’ve been impressed with the way Sio’s gone about his business. He’s going to be a player for us.”

Moore has been working with the first team at strong side linebacker, but can also move to weak side and play defensive end because of his pass rushing prowess. In college at Connecticut, he is on record saying he has played every position but cornerback. That will serve him well with the Raiders as they search for the right combination at the three linebacker positions. They have made great effort to revamp the corps this offseason and Moore looks to be an important part.

“The biggest thing with me, I don’t feel pressure,” Moore said. “We got a great group of guys, as far as senior guys. We got [Charles Woodson], Tyvon [Branch], Kevin [Burnett], Lamarr [Houston], Andre [Carter]. You go down the list there’s a bunch of veteran guys around. They’re all about me continuing to work and keep building on each play. As long as I take it upon myself to get better every day, everything is going to work out for us.”

His attitude and the way he goes about business is admirable for a young player. He missed the Sunday practice session with an injury, but came back Monday. For a rookie in the NFL, being on the field is so important for their learning curve and that is not lost on Moore.

“Missing one day of camp is like missing three or four days,” Moore said. “The pace that camp is going, as much information and as much as you’ve got to know before you get out on the field, it’s a boatload, and you’ve really got to play catch up and I don’t want to be in that situation.”

The Raiders veterans are having a huge impact on teaching Moore. He is the beneficiary of veterans like Charles Woodson, Nick Roach, and Andre Carter taking time to show him the ropes and provide advice to the promising rookie. Leadership is a great equalizer in the NFL.

“I talk to them all the time,” Moore said. “I tell [Woodson] every day that I’m going to have a notebook and he’s going to be my cheat code as far as getting everything from him. And I’m with [Andre] all the time because he’s working with me all the time as far as using my hands. So I’m trying to soak up as much as I can from all the old guys. Nick Roach is another guy who I really look to just being an all-around player and a leader and a great person. It’s all about soaking up all that information, so that I can take it and utilize it and make it into my own.”





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