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Oakland Raiders’ QB Matt Flynn Building Chemistry at Training Camp

July 28th, 2013 at 9:21 AM
By Nicholas Gill

As the Oakland Raiders begin their training camp practice sessions, quarterback Matt Flynn is trying to build chemistry. When the Raiders brought Flynn via trade, he immediately became their starter. With training camp underway, Flynn is looking to maintain the starting job and build chemistry with his teammates in the process.


“The chemistry is not completely there yet, but it’s coming, and once that all meshes together, I’m really excited about what we could do as an offense because, like I said, we have a lot of talent.” Flynn said.

Building chemistry is job one for Flynn. The Raiders know well how fickle those bonds can be. Last season Carson Palmer and Denarius Moore developed terrific chemistry and connected for six touchdowns in nine games. The rest of the season they were not on the same page and struggled to get anything going. Palmer also gained trust in tight end Brandon Myers who caught a career high 79 passes. His previous high was 16. The relationships and trust between quarterback and receivers are so important to success and are developed during camp.

“Once we get everything installed and everyone’s comfortable, then we can work on everyone coming together and really trying to take those steps up the ladder, because you can’t make those steps without everybody knowing everything,” Flynn said. “That’s just what happens when you get a new coordinator, everyone’s learning a completely new offense, so you have to go through those kinds of growing pains.”

The Raiders brought in Greg Olson this offseason to improve a stagnant offense. He and Flynn have the opportunity to grow together. That relationship is extremely important to the Raiders 2013 success.

 “In anything that we do, any offense, with any coordinator, like right now we’re installing any play that you could ever possibly run, we’re installing that,” Flynn said. “When we start game-planning, we start getting stuff that your quarterback will feel more comfortable with. This goes for any offense: If your quarterback doesn’t like a play going into a game week, he tells his coordinator and his coordinator doesn’t call the play. Right now what it’s about is me getting comfortable with certain plays and there are always naturally going to be plays that are more comfortable than others, but we’re throwing it all out there right now and just trying to figure those things out.” 




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